Beretta Von der Stadtrand BH

Beretta is the daughter of Remy Von der Stadtrand BH and Elle Vom Kleeblatt

Beretta Von der Stadtrand’s call name is “Hope.” Beretta is a medium sized rich black and red female. Beretta has rich color and pigmentation, a dark mask and dark eyes.

Beretta is a social, affectionate and loving dog that enjoys being around people of all ages. She is the perfect family companion and protector. In addition to her excellent health and temperament, she also does well at obedience and protection work.

In 2018 Beretta received 1st Place, Best of Breed, as well as 1st Place in the Herding Group at the AKC Conformation Show hosted by the Badger Kennel Club. She also earned her Basic Obiedience in 2018 at the German Shepherd Dog Club in Big Bend Wisconsin.