VA2 Karo van de Herdersfarm

Karo van de Herdersfarm is the son of VA Hoss Vom Lärchenhain SCHH3, IPO3 and V Cina Van de Herdersfarm SCHH2

Karo is a large, robust, masculine male with beautiful rich red pigment. Karo has absolute perfect bone structure with correct front and rear angulation and high withers. While moving Karo has a far outreaching gait with powerful rear drive. Karo is a very friendly dog who is social with everyone. Truly a great dog!

Karo's accomplishments include: 4x SchH3 IPO3 kkl1 for life, V33 (BSZS) German Sieger Show, HD a1 ED normal with a low ZW of 78 TDI

Karo van de Herdersfarm