Olympia Von der Stadtrand

Olympia Von der Stadtrand is the daughter of Iron Von der Stadtrand and granddaughter of Paska vom Salztalblick (Top stud for Salztalblick kennels).

Olympia is a highline dog coming from both Germany’s finest Sieger Show lines as well as Germany’s Top Schutzhund 3 working lines. She is a medium sized rich black and red female. Olympia has superior color and pigmentation, a dark mask and dark eyes. She has a very strong, firm back.

Olympia has a fantastic temperament and loves children of all ages. Olympia gets along great with all dogs and other animals. She has a very high working drive and does superb obedience and protection work. In November 2015, Olympia earned the AD (endurance test) title.

Olympia is an excellent house dog and is alert and mindful for strangers. She was our best mother and takes superb care of her young pups. Olympia is currently enjoying retirement with a family in SE Wisconsin.