SG-2 Reinhart Von der Stadtrand BH, AD

Reinhart Von der Stadtrand is the son of Poseidon Von der Stadtrand and Bree Von der Stadtrand

Reinhart Von der Stadtrand’s call name is “Stash”. Reinhart is a large masculine black and red dog. He has a strong robust head with a beautiful dark mask. He is a powerful dog with great bone structure.

Reinhart went to the 2015 North Central Conformation Show and earned VP (Very Promising) which is the highest rating in the puppy class. Reinhart has since gone on to earn SG-2 (Very Good) at the 2017 Midwest Regional Championship. He also earned his BH and AD (endurance title) in 2017.

One of Reinhart’s best qualities is his temperament. He has strong nerves and is calm and relaxed in all environments both new and familiar. He loves to play with children of all ages. Reinhart enjoys running outside with the kids or snuggling up on the couch while they read to him. He knows his jobs and he does them with great pride. He is very protective of his family, especially his kids.

Reinhart is a responsive obedience dog and shows strong courage and excellent drive during schutzhund protection training.